BitHack – by Coinbase
Congratulations to our winners!

A Bitcoin Hackathon by Coinbase

We’re proud to introduce BitHack V2, our second online
competition for developers building innovative apps with bitcoin.
 No 24h time limit. Participate from anywhere.
$70,000 worth of prizes.

Participate from Anywhere

To participate in BitHack, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for Bithack
  2. Build your app
  3. Submit your app by May 19, 2015

Note: Use of the Coinbase API is not required - you can build in any way on top of bitcoin! (Although we think it is a great option.)


Top 5 apps will be rewarded with bitcoin, and one winner will receive an appointment to an upcoming BoostVC bitcoin accelerator class, valued at $50,000.

Here are the prizes:

  • 1st — $10,000 worth* of bitcoin
  • 2nd — $5,000 worth* of bitcoin
  • 3rd — $3,000 worth* of bitcoin
  • 4th — $1,500 worth* of bitcoin
  • 5th — $500 worth* of bitcoin

* As valued on date of announcement.

Update: 6 additional partner prizes are now available!

App Criteria

1) Creativity: Find A New Use Case.

Don't just create another wallet (unless it has a new twist!) We want to see apps that make bitcoin easy to use, and show off new use cases that aren't possible with existing payment methods.

2) Usefulness: Make Bitcoin Easy To Use.

We're looking for apps that make bitcoin more approachable for a mainstream audience. How can bitcoin go viral, or reach 100M new people in the coming years?

3) Execution: Pay attention to details and functionality.

We're looking for apps that work well. It should be clear that you care about providing a good user experience, but we're not requiring polish or perfection.

For some ideas on what to build, see this blog post.


Apps will be judged by a team of Coinbase subject-matter experts, along with guest judges Adam Draper (BoostVC), Chris Dixon (Andreessen Horowitz), Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), and Gavin Andresen (Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation).

Adam Draper


Chris Dixon

Andreessen Horowitz

Fred Wilson

Union Square Ventures

Gavin Andresen

Bitcoin Foundation

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