Bithack Rules, Terms and Conditions
Congratulations to our winners!

Winners of BitHack v2

We’re excited to announce these top developers, who will collectively receive over $70,000 worth of prizes. Out of almost 300 registered teams, we received 84 qualified submissions from twelve different countries. Many of these submissions came from people who were not able to build payment applications before Bitcoin.

True to Bitcoin’s Global potential, the five winning projects were built in four different countries, each with a unique economic climate: Pakistan, Phillipines, Germany, and the U.S.

Coinbase Prizes

1st Place: $10,000* of bitcoin and the BoostVC prize, valued at $50,000 - Mailman

Mailman is an email paywall system which allows you to reward timely replies with bitcoin, and filter spam using the blockchain.

2nd Place: $5,000* of bitcoin - SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay is a bitcoin nanopayment wall for publishers, where you can pay for the section of text that really interests you, make metered payments for streaming video, and make paid downloads with a single click.

3rd Place: $3,000* of bitcoin - Rebittance

Rebittance is a remittance aggregator that provides senders with a single place to find and transact with Rebittance cash-out partners around the world.

4th Place: $1,500* of bitcoin - BlockchainME

BlockchainME offers a tool for creating verifiable IDs on the blockchain, promoting the encryption layer of cryptocurrency to help prevent skimming, catfishing, counterfeiting and other fraudulent activity.

5th Place: $500* of bitcoin - BitcoinDial

BitcoinDial is a ‘pay phone’ app that accepts bitcoin instead of quarters, allowing users to make affordable international calls.

Sponsor Prizes

The quality and volume of bitcoin apps we received was so high for BitHack v2 that we decided to add six additional prize categories, awarded to apps for demonstrating general excellence.

iPad Air, courtesy of Tradewave awarded to:
BitStation - Bitcoin exchange trading software.

Jawbone Big Jambox Bluetooth Speaker, courtesy of Clef awarded to:
BlockIntel: - A blockchain investigation tool.

SmartThings starter kit, courtesy of Localytics awarded to:
Snacks for Bitcoin: - A vending machine that accepts bitcoin.

$100 Apple gift card, courtesy of Openfolio awarded to:
CoinConfident: - Predicts when to spend/buy bitcoin.

1/10 oz. gold coin, redeemable for bitcoin, courtesy of Serica awarded to:
CoinBate: - Allows you to sell your items for bitcoin using crowd rewards.

Swag pack and Starbucks gift card, courtesy of Lawnmower awarded to:
100bits: - Simple bitcoin distribution.

Judging Process

Our winners were carefully selected from a total of 84 entries. To ensure the judging process was fair, we screened all apps for eligibility according to the BitHack v2 rules. This included confirming that the app hadn’t previously been published and was built during the six-week competition period. We then split all eligible apps into manageable groups which were each scored by at least two Coinbase judges using our evaluation criteria: creativity, usability, and execution. All judges submitted their scores, all scores were normalized to ensure consistency of scores across judges, and from these lists we selected our finalists. These finalists were sent to a team of four external judges, whose scores were once again used to stack rank each app and to assign our top winners.

A huge thank you to Adam Draper, Chris Dixon, Fred Wilson and Gavin Andresen for participating in the judging process.

Until next time

Thank you to everyone who participated in the BitHack v2. Many of the developers involved have enabled new behaviors that weren’t possible before bitcoin. Developers are essential to Bitcoin’s success, by introducing new functionality and promoting those capabilities to people around the world. No doubt there’s much more to be done, but BitHack v2 participants have made significant strides!