Coinbase Sandbox

To make it easier for developers and merchants to easily and safely test bitcoin functionality, we’ve launched a developer sandbox which is now live at

The sandbox environment runs on testnet3. Testnet is an alternative bitcoin blockchain, designed specifically for testing, and which uses testnet bitcoin. These are not real bitcoin and have no real value.

After signing up for a sandbox account (separate login required), you will be issued a wallet with 0.1 testnet BTC. To obtain additional testnet coins you can transfer more to your wallet from other sources including open testnet faucets.

You will notice that the sandbox environment interface mirrors the actual Coinbase desktop interface, but various unnecessary features are disabled in the sandbox (e.g.: verifications, bank account syncing, referral programs).

To access your sandbox account via the Coinbase API, you must login to your sandbox account, and follow the same steps outlined in our API documentation to create an API Key or an OAuth2 application for your testnet wallet.

The API endpoint for the sandbox is

Please note: We’re hiring engineers (both in our San Francisco office and remote anywhere in the world). If you’re interested in speaking with us about a role we’ve set up a coding challenge that you can take in about 30–45 minutes. You can also apply through our careers site if you prefer to start the conversation that way.

Written by John Yi