Developer Spotlight: Julia - A Telegram Bot That Makes Bitcoin Easy to Use

Using Coinbase Connect is a powerful way for developers to leverage the wallet infrastructure and buy/sell functionality of Coinbase and focus on building great software. We’re now seeing developers from all over the world utilize that core building block to build bitcoin into new applications. The latest app comes from Tel Aviv, Israel, where the GetGems team launched Julia, a Telegram bot that uses Coinbase Connect to make bitcoin easy to use for newcomers to bitcoin.

We recently caught up with the team to ask them a few questions about Julia:

What inspired you to build Julia on Telegram with the Coinbase API?

Telegram is an open-source, privacy focused messenger app with a large international user base of over 65 million. We wanted to give everyone on Telegram the ability to easily use bitcoin. The Coinbase API managed that for us and allowed us to focus on building the software that we hope will be an important bridge between Telegram users and Bitcoin.

Why did you think Telegram was a good platform to build a bitcoin app on?

Our love for the product and the large international user base are the things that initially got us thinking about building on Telegram. We’re also fans of Telegram’s Bot API and began noticing some really cool bots being built on there (@imagebot, @pollbot, and @storebot are our favorites). Building a bot for Bitcoin was a natural step for us in our mission as a company of bringing digital currency to social messaging.

What has the response to Julia been like so far?

Julia has been live for about a week and over 2500+ users have already started interacting with her. The response has been overwhelmingly positive– word spread like wildfire and we even got a retweet from Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram. Without Coinbase and their API team, Julia would not have been possible. Thank you Coinbase!

Please note: We’re hiring engineers (both in our San Francisco office and remote anywhere in the world). If you’re interested in speaking with us about a role we’ve set up a coding challenge that you can take in about 30–45 minutes. You can also apply through our careers site if you prefer to start the conversation that way.

Written by Nick Tomaino