Merchant Checkout

Coinbase’s Merchant Tools product will be retired on April 30th 2018. Learn more.

Start accepting bitcoin instantly with easy to use checkout pages, embeddable widgets, plugins, and an API for custom integrations.

Below you’ll find steps on how your business can start accepting bitcoin payments with Coinbase.

There are multiple ways to accept Bitcoin payments with Coinbase:

Method How Requires
Website or Blog Add a payment button, page, or iframe to your website Ability to edit website HTML
eCommerce Store Install a shopping cart plugin for WordPress, Zen Cart, Magento and more. Ability to install plugin.
Email Invoice Send email invoices to request payment Web browser
Custom Integration Integrate with our API Programming experience

Website or Blog

Adding bitcoin payments to your website only requires basic HTML editing abilities. If you have access to your website’s HTML code, then you can receive Bitcoin payments with Coinbase. These options can also be used for donations of variable amounts.

Payment Buttons

The simplest way to add bitcoin payments to your site. A payment button on your page opens a payment overlay. Once payment has been received by the user, they can close the overlay and return to the page.

Create a payment buttonMore detailAPI

Payment pages

Payment pages are very similar to buttons, but instead of opening an overlay on your website, the user is directed to a special payment page hosted by Coinbase. Once the user completes purchase, they are redirected back to a success page of your choice.

Create a payment pageMore detailAPI

Payment iFrames

Payment iFrames embed the payment process directly into your web page — no need for a popup or page redirect.

Create a payment iFrameMore detailAPI

Shopping Cart Plugins

Plugins can be installed in popular shopping cart services to enable bitcoin payments. Once you install a plugin, bitcoin payments will be enabled in your checkout flow.

We support plugins for many popular shopping cart systems:

Install a plugin

Email Invoices

Email invoices allow you to request payment for a specific amount from a user. Here’s how it works:

Create an invoice with a subject, the amount, and a brief description

  1. The user receives the invoice in their email inbox
  2. Clicking to pay brings them to a Coinbase payment page
  3. After they complete the payment, that’s it! — you’re both notified

Create an email invoiceMore detailAPI

Custom Integration

You can use the Coinbase API to power custom products and enable them with the ability to send, receive, and request bitcoin, as well as create payment buttons dynamically, create user accounts, check the price, and a lot more.

Using the API requires programming experience, but anyone with previous exposure to API integration should find it easy to use.

Here are a few examples of things you could do by integrating with our API:

  • Create payment buttons dynamically — don’t paste HTML for each one
  • Create a bitcoin app — our own app just uses our public API

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