Wallet API

Store bitcoin securely

Create bitcoin wallets or connect to Coinbase users

  • Connect your app to Coinbase wallet holders via OAuth
  • Create your own bitcoin wallets and securely store bitcoin
  • Send and request bitcoin by email or bitcoin address
  • Buy and sell bitcoin

API Endpoint


All API requests should use the application/json content type, and must be encrypted with SSL (https).

Coinbase API v1: Documentation for previous Coinbase API can be found here

Developer Sandbox

If you’d like to quickly get started without using real money, you can test Wallet API features with a sandbox test account. Note that not all Wallet features are supported in the test environment (e.g.: bank verification).

API support

If you can’t find the answer to your question or need help, try the following resources:

To contacts us about confidential or otherwise private information, email us at api@coinbase.com.

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