Error Codes

All error messages will return both machine (id) and human readable (message) error message. All errors, except validation_error, return only one error. Some errors will also have an optional link to the documentation (url).

validation_error with 400 status code is returned when the validation of the resource fails on POST or PUT requests. Response contains errors field with a list of errors.

Important: Different error types (id) can be added and removed over time so you should make sure your application accepts new ones as well.

Error id Code Description
two_factor_required 402 When sending money over 2fa limit
param_required 400 Missing parameter
validation_error 400 Unable to validate POST/PUT
invalid_request 400 Invalid request
personal_details_required 400 User’s personal detail required to complete this request
unverified_email 400 User has not verified their email
authentication_error 401 Invalid auth (generic)
invalid_token 401 Invalid Oauth token
revoked_token 401 Revoked Oauth token
expired_token 401 Expired Oauth token
invalid_scope 403 User hasn’t authenticated necessary scope
not_found 404 Resource not found
rate_limit_exceeded 429 Rate limit exceeded
internal_server_error 500 Internal server error

Other errors


When authenticating or refreshing access tokens, OAuth2, will follow different error format.

  "error": "invalid_request",
  "error_description": "The request is missing a required parameter, includes an unsupported parameter value, or is otherwise malformed."