Tutorial: Accepting donations for your charity in bitcoin

This tutorial will help you accept your first bitcoin donation, through making a button for your site.

I work for a charity and we’d like to begin accepting donations in bitcoin. We need to be able to collect information about our donors (including their name and email address) in addition to their donation.


You’re looking to accept Bitcoin donations for your charity. This is easy to accomplish with Coinbase.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a Coinbase account and link it to your bank acount. If you don’t have one, you can see more details on how to sign up below:

Sign up for a Coinbase account

Step 1. Set your merchant details

Create your merchant profile on the merchant settings page.. While the profile is optional, the information that you provide here will be shown to customers who receive your invoice, and helps give them confidence that they are sending payment to the right place.

Create your merchant profile

Step 2. Turn on instant-exchange

On the same page, check the Instant-Exchange checkbox under Payouts.

Selecting this box will enable our instant-exchange functionality on your account, which automatically and exchanges any incoming payments for U.S. dollars. This eliminates any risk associated with the Bitcoin price going up or down.

Check the Instant-Exchange box

You’re now all set up to take bitcoin payments!

Step 3. Accept a Donation

Now that your account is all set up, you’re ready to accept a donation! The simplest way to do so is to create a donation button using our button generator.

After filling out the form and selecting the Donation option, we’ll provide some code that you can use to include a donation button in your website. This button will allow users to donate Bitcoin without ever leaving your website.

We also offer the ability to have donors provide their name and address before sending a payment. If you would like to enable this functionality on your payment button, you can do so by checking the “Customer Information” checkboxes (note that you’ll need to expand the “Show Advanced Options” dropdown for this to be displayed).

That’s it! If you’ve elected to exchange your donations for U.S. dollars, we’ll deposit the funds into your bank account in just a few days. Otherwise, the Bitcoin will be available for spending in your Coinbase account instantly!

What’s next?

If the payment button isn’t right for your implementation, check out the other options for a payment page or iframe here. You can also do a custom integration with our API.

This guide is part of our Integration Tutorial series. If you would like to request more information about the integration process or have feedback, our Merchant Support Team can be contacted at support@coinbase.com.